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Our partners at Western One Agricultural have been delivering quality and consistency for 30+ years.
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Despite the drought and volatile conditions in the West Rockies, Western One’s strong relationship with growers allows us to provide quality and consistency year round.


Green Gaits and Western One Agricultural are proud to partner together to provide dropped trailers to farms and retailers within our supported areas visit us in store or give us a call.


Each of our pivots received are analyzed at Dairy One, NY to ensure the upmost quality of our forage supplied by Western One Agricultural. 

consistency where it counts

For our equine friends that have particular sensitivities such as laminitis or cushings disease, understanding what their diet consists of is crucial.

Hay OptiMizer

The Hay OptiMizer is the latest in innovative horse products, which is designed to help horse owners save time, hay, and provide their animals with a more natural feeding experience.

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Find the right forage

Finding the right forage for your equine’s needs is our first priority, get started by reviewing the nutritional value.

Sleeved Pressed Alfalfa

950lb pressed block, horse safe contains no wires.

first cut timothy

Low Starch
Low Sugar

second cut timothy

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first cut
Orchard grass

Second Cut
Orchard grass

Low Starch
Low Sugar



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premium straw
& bedding

Finding the right forage for your equine’s needs is our first priority, get started by reviewing the nutritional value.

Barley Straw

Nutritional for Equine animals.

large flake

12 cubic feet expanded premium bedding, low dust, high fluff, kiln dried and southern yellow pine.

ez pic

5.5 cubic feet expended EZ PIC, low dust, kiln dried and southern yellow pine.

Hurdz hemp

Hypoallergenic bedding that improves and supports respiratory health, 100% biodegradable and sustainable, reduces flies and parasites.
hurdz hemp bag

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Find the right feed

Get started finding the right feed as a supplement to your equine's nutrition.

performance blend

The combination makes for a palatable, yet nutritionally balance feed, the perfect fuel for these athletes.

show blend

For show horses, we have a higher fat content to help settle and calm high-strung horses as well as a solid fiber content to assist with behavior and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Pleasure blend

Our feeds for pleasure horses are balanced, providing the specialized nutritional support these horses need with fewer calories.

breeding blend

We also formulate feeds to meet the specialized nutritional needs of foals, stallions and lactating mares.

special needs blend

For horses plagued with lamintis, we reduce the starches that aggravate that ailment as well as boost fiber content for horses with digestive issues as well as other needs.

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Excel Equine

Excel Equine is a brand we are so proud to carry, with supplements for all categories of equine.


Enrichment is a palatable ration balancer designed to provide added vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein. It is fed as a top dress to increasde nutritional content of an unbalanced feed or alone as a source of nutrition with little calories.
Special Needs
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TriFiber Compete

Trifiber Compete is a low-starch highly digestible performance feed that is designed for horses competing in athletic competitions. It is composed of safe, digestible fiber sources like beet pulp and high-quality fat sources like rice bran. Works very well for all competing horses that need a source of safe calories while trying to gain weight. The low starch and NSC content makes it an ideal choice for horses thaat may be prone to any metabolic health conditions.
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Stability pelleted feed is highly versatile and suitable forr horses that are at different stages in life. Due to its protein and fiber content, Stability is ideal for any equine athlete. This feed stores well in bulk and does not freeze in cold weather. It is also available in cube form.
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Animate's high fat and fiber content makes it an ideal choice for the horse in heavy training or hard keeper. A low-starch feed, animate is a great option for those who need more energy, from a sage energy source, for their horses.
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Carbolyte is a low starch and sugar feed that is designed for horses that need to limit intake of readily digested carbohydrates like starch. It is composed of ingredients to minimize starch levels while optimizing other nutrient levels.
special needs
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Senior HF

Senior HF is a special needs textured feed that is designed for horses that are geriatric or horses that need a source of safe palatable calories. It is composed of safe, digestible fiber sources. Senior HF works very well for those senior horses that are still competing or those mature horses that need a source of safe calories while they try to put weight back on.
special needs
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Level Out

A rewarding, healthy horse treat with a proprietary formula that promotes active digestion.
special needs


Fatty acid supplement designed top help with hair, coat and skin conditions in horses of all types.
special needs

Mare Cubes

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An equine supplement with a proprietary formula which enhances feed palatability and provides beneficial natural sources of electrolytes.
special needs

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Hygain Feeds

Get started finding the right feed as a supplement to your equine's nutrition.

Hygain Zero

Hygain Zero is high in soluble fiber (35%), fortified with vitamins and minerals and has the lowest sugar content of any compolete feed on the market.

hygain tru gain

Hygain Tru Gain is a safe, slow release and highly effective high fat supplement, providing your horse with a cool energy source along with bio--available Vitamin E and Selenium.

hygain tru care

Provides your horse with higher levels of nutrients that are essential to maintain joint health and mobility, body condition and general well-being.

hygain balanced

Extremely versatile in its use and is ideal for good doers, horse's on a pasture only diet.

hygain release

Scientifically formulated to provide the fuel and essential nutrients required for optimum performance in horses prone to the tying up syndrome and other muscle disorders.

hygain showtorque

A low dose, high fat, cereal grain free feed, that promotes lean muuscle mass development, along with all of this also enhances hoof growth and coat shine.

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Brands we're proud to carry

Here are some of the brands we carry that deliver the same type of excellence we expect in our products.

Frequently Asked

Here you can find some of our most frequently asked questions to help you find the answer you're looking for.

What is recommended for equine with Cushings?

We would recommend any of the following products: 

Western One Agricultural:
First Cut Timothy, Timothy Alfalfa, Orchard Grass

Zero, Balance

Excel Equine:
Enrichment, Senior HF, Carbolyte, Stability

Where is your forage grown?

First Cut Timothy - Idaho
Second Cut Timothy - Nevada
Timothy / Alfalfa - Nevada
Orchard / Alfalfa - Idaho
Second Cut Orchard Grass - Oregon
Alfalfa - Nevada

Do you have forages that are low starch / low sugar?

Yes, for low starch low sugar forages we recommend our First Cut Timothy, Timothy Alfalfa and Orchard Grass

Do you support dropped trailers for farms or retailers?

Yes, just reach out to us on our contact form below or give us a call at 352-300-3530 and we can schedule an order.

What's best for my pasture pets?

For pasture pets we recommend the following products: 

Western One Agricultural:
First Cut Timothy, Second Cut Orchard Grass, Timothy Alfalfa, Alfalfa

Zero, Balance, True Care

Excel Equine:
Enrichment, Stability, Carbolyte, Senior HF

Where are you located?

7029 FL-40, Ocala, FL 34482

What times are you open?

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday through Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm

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